Annual Conference

Our annual conference is when we hold our annual business meeting. We meet at a different location each year with the goal of learning about and experiencing the natural resources at various locations across the state. The conference is typically a day and a half, and includes a mix of indoor presentations and sightseeing tours or hikes. The Chapter’s president-elect is responsible for selecting the conference location and program planning each year. You can learn more about our recent conferences below.


Exploring the Natural Resources of Medicine Park
& the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

This year’s conference will be a combination of talks, walks, and tours taking an in-depth look at the local soil and water resources vital to Medicine Park’s economy and quality of life. We will also learn about the geology and fire ecology of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The conference is geared toward both soil and water professionals and Medicine Park residents, government officials, and business owners. Especially in this year of record rainfalls that caused erosive flood damage across the state, the conference provides an opportunity for soil and water professionals and locals to learn from each other and discuss strategies for mitigating the effects of extreme weather in the future.

June 18-19, 2015

Medicine Park, Oklahoma
Medicine Park Music Hall & Event Center

Old Plantation Inn
140 E Lake Dr, Medicine Park, OK 73557

Other lodging options:


2015 OKSWCS Conf Registration (pdf)


  • History of Medicine Park (talk)
  • Waters & Dams of Medicine Park (talk / walk)
  • Fishery Management in Medicine Park (talk)
  • Soils, Slopes, and Water in Medicine Park (walk)
  • Geology of the Wichita Mountains (tour)*
  • Fire Ecology of Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (tour)*
  • Medicine Park Aquarium Construction Tour (walk)
  • OK Chapter of SWCS business meeting (talk)

*Tours provided with paid registration. Number of participants is limited by the capacity of the bus.

Talks: Inside the Music Hall
Walks: Around the town of Medicine Park within one mile of the Music Hall
Tours: On a tour bus. We will carpool from Medicine Park to meet the bus at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center.




2014 OKSWCS Annual Meeting Registration

April 2014 Newsletter with meeting details.

Our State Annual Meeting to be held June 6 and 7 at Robbers Cave State Park. This year the focus of the meeting will be on Grazinglands Soil Health. We will start at 10:00AM on Friday and conclude Saturday at noon. Registration will be $40.00.

There are 10 rooms reserved at the lodge. If you would like to stay at the lodge, you will need to make a reservation for 2 nights (either Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday) and there are not that many rooms available so make your reservations as soon as possible. The room rate is $97.68/night (which includes taxes). This is a beautiful state park with lots of scenic hiking trails. We need to fill these rooms so we can get to use the good meeting room. Please make your reservation by May 6th.

For those who don’t want to stay 2 nights, there are several hotels in Wilburton which is 5-10 minutes away.

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