About Us

Our Vision: We are a multidisciplinary Society that advocates the protection, enhancement and wise use of soil, water and natural resources in Oklahoma and beyond.

Our Mission: We promote through education and example, an ethic that recognizes the interdependence of people and the environment.

Our Objectives: We develop and advance the science and art of good land use and management and the promotion of the conservation of soil, water, air and related renewable natural resources, including, without limitation, trees, grass, fish, wildlife and all forms of beneficial plant and animal life, and for these purposes educate people so that mankind may have the use and enjoyment of these resources forever.

Officers 2016-2017

President: Brandy Pietz-Jones
Pres-Elect:  Corey Moffet
Past President:  Joshua Ketch
Secretary:  John Mustain
Treasurer:  Larry Wright

Council Members (term expires)

Steve Glasgow (June 2017) | Jason Warren (June 2017) | Jamey Wood (June 2017)
Ryan Jones (June 2018) | Shelly Oliphant (June 2018) | Donna Neumeyer (June 2018)Daniel Moriasi (June 2019) | Dan Thomas (June 2019) | Lanny Miller (June 2019)

Committee Chairpersons

Audit:  Corey Moffet
Awards:  Daniel Moriasi
Budget:  Jason Warren
Fund Raising:  Melanie Oliver
Membership: Dan Thomas
Newsletter:  Larry Wright
Nominating/Elections:  John Mustain
Program:  Brandi Pietz-Jones
Scholarship: Joshua Ketch
Website:  Liana Jones

The officers of the Chapter are the president, president-elect, immediate past-president and secretary-treasurer, each must be a member of the international society. The president and president-elect are selected through nominations and a ballot vote by members. The secretary-treasurer is appointed by the council, and serves at the pleasure of the council.

The president presides at meetings of the Chapter, the council and
executive committee; appoints all committees, unless otherwise directed by the
bylaws or the council; performs all other duties incident to the office; and presents a
status report to the members at the annual meeting.

In the absence or disability of the president, the president-elect serves. The president-elects main responsibility is overseeing the planning of the annual conference.

The secretary-treasurer is responsible for all funds of the Chapter and performs all other duties incident to the office. The person holding this office must be bonded, which is done at the expense of the council. The secretary-treasurer provides the financial report at the annual meeting.

Current Bylaws – February 2012

Chapter Leader Manual

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