Letter from our President and March Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter


A few recent developments to inform the Council of:

Josh Ketch has made some updates to the scholarship application and it is now ready to be advertised and distributed statewide. Below is the final version of the scholarship application. Please use it to help to solicit applications from any students that you think would make good candidates.

OKSWCS 2014 Scholarship Application

Due to other commitments, Jean Steiner has resigned as chair of the Nominating Committee. A very sincere thank you goes to Jean for tackling this the past couple of years and doing a wonderful job at it. Mr. John Mustain has agreed to take over this chair position for this year’s elections. If you would like to volunteer or if you know of anyone that would make a good candidate for President Elect, or one of the 3 at-large positions coming up this year, please give those names to Mr. Mustain. Since he picked this task up so late in the year, please give John as much help as you can with coming up with some folks for the election. As a reminder, the individuals that have their term expire this year are Joe Freeland, Shelley Oliphant and Steve Glasgow. Also, Jason Warren will be rotating off the council this year as the Past President.

When John Mustain agreed to serve as the Secretary, he became an “officer” according to our bylaws. These bylaws also state that no individual may be an officer and an at-large council member. Because of this, Holt Hagy was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Mustain’s at-large position. Many thanks go to Mr. Hagy for agreeing to serve in this position, which expires in June, 2015. Please help me in welcoming Holt to the OKSWCS council.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of this or other information, please feel free to give me a call.

Ryan K. Jones
(580) 832-2549

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